Foods High in Potassium

Benefits of Potassium

High Iron Foods

Benefits of Potassium

  • Aids kidney in detuning the blood by assisting in the maintenance of electrical charges in the cells.
  • Energy Production, it helps the heart contract
  • Optimizes acid - base balance in body fluids
  • Maintains normal heartbeat
  • Maintains water levels in blood and body tissue. Very important for atheletes and people engaged in physical activity.
  • Potassium benefits the krebs cycle, energy related.
  • Prevents fatigue by improving the nervous system functions. Often people that engage in activities requiring high levels of endurance consult with a nutritionist to ensure they are getting the proper amount of potassium in their diets.

    Foods High In Potassium

    Over consumption of potassium can lead to irregular heartbeats or a heart attack. Talk with your physician if you have kidney problems or are undergoing dialysis. Potassium information is not designed to replace the patient-doctor relationship and should never be used to diagnose any medical problem.
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